Friday, February 6, 2009

Tomato with bottle gourd/tomato with beerakaya chutney

This chutney is too gud with the rotis/white rice..

Ingredients :

tomato 1/4 kg
bottle gourd ---->small one or beerakaya 1
whole greenchillies 6
chopped garlic cloves -4
turmeric powder 1/4 spoon
jeera 1 spoon

Talimpu ingredients :

Jeera 1/2 spoon
Urud dal 1 spoon
chana dal 1 spoon
mustard seeds 1/2 spon
curry leaves & coriander leaves


1.first peel the bottle gourd(sorakaya) or beerakaya and cut into small cubes.

2.cut the tomatoes into medium size

3.Take a pan and put that pan on medium heat and pour 1 spoon of oil.once the oil gets heated put greenchillies(whole chillies)and fry till those are done.Remove those fried green chillies into a seperate bowl.

4.Later add one more spoon of oil and add bottle gourd piece to the pan and cover the pan with lid and let it fry till all the bottle gourd pieces are cooked.

5.stir the pieces after every 4 to 5 minutes.

6.once the bottle gourd cooking is done..just take the pieces into a previously taken bowl.

7.Then add tomato pieces and fry it by keeping the lid on the pan..if necessary add oil otherwise no need becoz tomato had lot of moisture and if you want you can add salt for easy cooking.During this fring/cooking add turmeric powder.

8.once all frying is over..take a mixi jar add jeera/cumin seeds and garlic and greenchillies first and let it gring for 1/2 min and then add bottle gourd pieces to it and grind it for another 1 min then add atlast salt & tomato pieces and grind it for one more min.

9.Take that whole mixture/chutney into a bowl.

10.Atlast do talimpu( I assume that evrybody knows talimpu) and pour that talimpu onto the chutney.

tomato with bottle gourd chutney is ready to serve..

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