Friday, February 27, 2009

My first precious awards :)

Hi friends,

One of my friend Priya Priya Sriram passed these awards to me.She is the one who encouraged me to start a blog and introduced me to blogging world!! I am very thankful to her.

Thank you for the awards priya..I dont know whether i am eligible for these awards or not..but i am sure i will improve myself :)

I would like to pass this award to my blogging friends phanitha Phanitha's Kitchenette & sowmya sowmya ,mahimaa Mahimaa's kitchen,usha Usha I hope they are more eligible than me and they might got these awards from their friends but still i am passing this award to them!!


I would like to pass this award to my mother Padmavathi and sister Naipunya ..they are always giving some innovative ideas and helping me to do some healthy recipes!!

I would also like to pass this award to my blogging friends kiraAj Blogs from a home sick aussie!- and varsha bhojanamu- they also recently started blogging like me..I am sure they will also rock in this blogging world!!


I would like to pass this award to my friend lalitha..she is the one who started following my blog from the day one and start trying my recipes on her hubby and encouraging me everyday with her comments!!

I would also like to pass this award to my friend Aiswarya .She is the one trying my recipes and writing encouraging comments on my blog!

I am also passing this award to my friends Rani and sunanda..

Rani:she is very busy with her work and kids ..eventhough she is following my blog and start experimenting some..thank you Rani!!

Sunanda:I have learnt many recipes from sunanda..she is a very good cook...i am thinking if she opens a blog ..I am sure she will be on the top!!I will post her recipes ( i mean what i have learned from her)in future..


  1. congrats on your awards Lavanya..

  2. Hi Lavanya
    And keep posting new recipes.
    And Thanks a lot for passing jewel of Friend award:))
    This is the first award i got in my life:))


  3. hi lavanya... first time in yr blog and u have nice collection. love yr veg pulao and peanut almond badam balls... congrats for yr awards.

  4. Thanks for those lovely words Lavanya! You well-deserve these awards. Hope you have a wonderful time there!

  5. first time to ur blg and u have a nice space here! congrats on ur well deserved awards and do visit my blog when u find time1

  6. yummy yummy blog with yummy yummy recipes...
    I wish i should get a dinner or lunch invitation from you..
    till the time i will follow your recipes..

  7. hi..who is this ..i am confused..if you are expecting my invi are from redmond. i couldn't recognize you..plz tell me your name :)) its funny..i feel its better not to invite that you will follow my recipes naa:)) just joking..tell me your name!!