Monday, March 23, 2009

Hot and Sour soup

This soup is really husband likes it!!This is one of the famous soup other than tomoto soup.This soup is really good for cold.This recipe serves for two to three people.


water-4cups( cup means 100 ml quantity)
chillisauce-1 1/2 tsp
soya sauce-1 1/2 tsp
black pepper-1 tsp
Grated ginger-1 tsp
cabbage-1/4 th cup shredded
corn-1/4 th cup
carrot-1/8 th cup shredded
peas-1/8th cup
sugar-1/2 tsp
Lemon juice-1 tsp
salt to taste
tomotosauce-2 tsp or tomoto-1/2 medim finely chopped/grinded
corn flour/corn starch-21/2 tsp
Green onions for garnishing optional

1.First take a bowl and heat 4 cups of water in it.After 2 min ,add chili sauce,soya sauce,black pepper,salt,sugar,tomoto sauce and mix well. Later add grated ginger to it.

2.once the above mixture comes to boil,add all the finely choped/shredded veggies into it along with corn and peas.

3.Continue to heat the soup for couple of min till all the veggies are cooked and then mix cornflour in very small amt of water and add that mixture to soup for thickening.Add lemon juice to it and mix well.

4.continue to stir the mixture/soup till you feel the right consistency for soup and garnish the soup with green onions and serve hot.

Note:you can add your veggies whatever you like to soup..and reduce the spices quantity ,if you are used to less spice.


  1. mmmm! Tasty :) i make something similar specially if my boys r sick or starting to get sick! I wanna make sure i kill whatever bugs they may have LOL They always know whats for dinner when they r starting to get sick lol :)

  2. KiraAj:I tried the same thing on my husband :))
    Thanks for the quick respone..

  3. Healthy and hot soup, is it? Will surely try and let you know. Soup looks colorful. Love the bowl! :)

  4. This is a really new method Lavanya..Looks easy n yum..:)

  5. Lavanya, hot and sour soup is also something for me. I usually use balsamic for the sour taste....lemon is a nice alternative for me.

  6. Nice and healthy soup,love to have it when we have cold.

  7. The hot soup makes me tempt Lavanya...This is for sure medicinal too..would love to have some.

  8. Yum! My husband would love this too - he likes everything really really spicy!

  9. With chilli sauce, I bet it's delicious! :)

  10. soup looks delicious & healthy

  11. Lovely soup...great to have on a cold day...nice profile pic. Lavanya.

  12. Very different soup. The flavors intense. Yum

  13. Soup seems so healthy and delicious.

  14. priya:thank you...sure try it n let us know?
    varsha:its quite easy right :))
    angie n Deesha:thank you..
    varunavi:give it to your kids when they have cold dear..i am sure you will see the results :))
    Ann:Thank you dear..actually i haven't taken nice pic..otherwise it looks awesome :))
    5 star foodie:yup..if your husband loves spicy food..then sure you try is really really hot!!
    Asha n trupti:Thanks for your lovely words dear:)
    deepa Hari:thank you becoz you said my profile pic is good ..ha ha..
    vicky,smitha n Mangala:Thanks for your time n comments!!

  15. Looks delicious! And I love that it's nice and hot, that way you don't overeat! :)

  16. nice post the soup..will try sometime..

  17. I like this tipe of soups but my hubby don't like them hummmm ok soup looks great lavanya

  18. Umm yummy...just perfect for the weather here

  19. Looks delicious, loved this soup !

  20. Super! Love the bowl and the recipe as well. Too good.

  21. i luv h n s soup n this looks delicious

  22. yummy soup... will try when i want to make this. looks good lavanya.

  23. Hi Lavanya .

    soup looks yummy


  24. soup looks good lavanya....will surely try this