Friday, May 1, 2009

Samiya pulihora

I tried this recipe from mahimaas kitchen.This came out very well..It really tastes like pulihora only.Thanks alot mahimaa..we had wonderful light dinner yesterday with this..

You can eat this as breakfast,Brunch,lazy/quick/light Meal too :)

The basic recipe is same..mine is a bit variation in quantity of ingredients or its my refined version of recipe :) .Anyway i am giving the recipe can check original recipe here


Vermicelli-1 cup
water-1.5 cups
peanuts-1/2 cup
tamarind-3/4 th of small lemon
seasoning ingredients(cumin,urud dal,chana dal,mustard seeds,red chillies)
curry leaves
salt to taste
turmeric powder-1/8 th tsp or a pinch
oil-3 tsp


1.First soak the tamarind in little amt of water and keep it aside.

2.take a pan ,heat 1 tsp od ol and roast samiya till golden brown and transfer that to another bowl/plate and keep that aside.

3.In the same pan,add remaining oil & add all seasoning ingredients along with peanuts and green chilli and fry till peanuts become golden brown.

4.Now squeeze water from tamarind (this should adjust according to your samiya quantity for 1 cup of samiya ,tamarind water around 1.5 cups),add this to the tadka/seasoning and increase the heat to med-high and let it heat untill the water is boiled.

5.Add salt,turmeric and mix well.Now add samiya and mix well.Keep the heat in med-high till the all the water evoparated from the samiya in b/w mix the samiya,and then reduce the heat to low and continue to cook till samiya becomes dry..

6.Samiya pulihora ready..serve hot..

Note:1.If you feel tamarind is not healthy..add shredded/grated unripe mango in the tadka fry for some time and add normal water.

2.You can also use dry mango powder and use normal water instead of tamarind water.

3.If at all you have a doubt in your mind,how it will tastes..just use lemon juice in samiya upma..:) then next time go for this!!

4.Be cautious while adding water to samiya...if you add more..samiya becomes mushy!!


  1. This is a wonderful dish,very delicious and simple to make..
    Love the idea of using vermicilli..

  2. That is a simple dish Lavanya... looks great .. .my mom used to make them with aval/puha ... vermicelli puliyohara looks lovely.

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  12. Lavanya-thanks for visiting my blog :)
    The vermicelli looks very tempting!! Is that a little Buddha statue sitting at the edge of the plate?Very cute!!

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